Hybrid Tomato Sifa F1 can grow in most areas. It produces uniform, firm fruits with a deep red colour and a good size. And its fruit has a shelf life of 21 days after harvest.

Hybrid Tomato Sifa F1 weighs between 120-150gms and is harvested at 65-70 days after planting. Good farming practices ensure a potential yield of between 30-35 tons per acre.

Hybrid Tomato Sifa F1 plant has a tolerance to yellowing and rain. The plant also has a strong resistance against Tomato Yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV), Fusarium wilt (F-1, 2), Bacterial wilt, and some species of Nematodes (M. incognita/++). In addition to these, the plant is also resistant to Tomato Mosaic Virus (ToMV), Alternaria stem canker, and Gray Leaf spots.

Additional information


Seeds per acre

35 grams per acre

Seeds per gram

400 seeds per gram


60 by 60 cm


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Hybrid Tomato Sifa F1

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