How to make effective homemade pesticides

September 28, 2022

Pests as we know can be a menace to your farm crops. Pesticides that are sold to us maybe at times harmful to our plants due to their concentration and the number of times we use them on our crops.

Homemade pesticides are recommended especially if you don’t have a huge plot of land. 

Pesticides are also at times expensive especially if you consider organic pesticides. Homemade pesticides would be a better alternative.

Here are some homemade pesticides and how to make them:

There’s a remedy to combat pesticides in your farm or garden just by using your day-to-day products from your home.

Trying a more natural approach to fighting pests in your home is always recommended and even though recommended, one is always asked to test out the solution before going all out on the affected plants. So even as we list down the solutions, we advise testing them first.

Dish soap spray 

Liquid dish soap from your kitchen can come in handy when dealing with pesticides in your garden. 

Dish soap spray is effective for beetles, whiteflies aphids and mites. 

When mixing up the solution there are various things to consider like measurements. One and a half tablespoons of mild dish soap with water. 

Make sure to directly spray the affected area. Soap sprays only work when wet so it’s advised not to do it on very hot days or hot times of the day. Early mornings and late afternoons are the best times 

Do this application for 5-7 days to start seeing results. 

Dish soap spray 
Dish soap spray, homemade pesticide: Photo courtesy of WikiHow

Oil spray

The oil spray is also another way to combat troublesome pesticides. And in this case, an addition of soap makes the mixture potent enough to fight off pesky pests on your farm. 

The mixture of one tablespoon of soap, and two tablespoons of oil with water is potent enough to deal with the pesticides affecting your plants. The oil spray is effective for mites, aphids, thrips and scales. 

Oil spray
Oil spray, homemade pesticide: Photo courtesy of WikiHow

Hot pepper repellent spray 

The hot pepper spray is effective an effective repellent against rodents such as rabbits, rats and possums. 

A mixed blend concoction of hot peppers, a tablespoon of dish soap and water will do the trick.  Boil the mixture and then allow it to sit out and cool then go ahead and spray it on the affected areas. 

Garlic spray 

Just like the pepper repellent spray, the garlic spray also acts as a repellent. It doesn't kill. 

What you need to create an effective garlic repellent spray is 2 garlic bulbs and mix them up in water and let them sit overnight. Add half a teaspoon of the liquid soap dish and a teaspoon of vegetable oil and then go ahead and mix up the concoction with water in your spray bottle. 

Garlic spray 
Garlic spray, homemade pesticide: Photo Courtesy of WikiHow

The repellent is effective for, cabbage worms, leaf hoppers and whiteflies just to name a few. 

And there you have it. Simple homemade methods to help control pesticides in your garden or farm. What are some of the ways you’ve practically used on your farms you could share with us? We would love to hear from you in our comment section. 


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