Five types of innovative gardening methods

May 2, 2023

Gardening has evolved in how people choose to practice it. It is all a matter of deciding what to grow, your budget and how to do it.

Container and Sack Gardens

Container gardening and sack gardening has become a popular method of gardening, especially in our urban setting where the spaces are a bit limited. It’s not however limited to only that. Gardeners with much larger spaces have also taken advantage of container gardens.

Raised Based Gardens

A raised garden bed is a large, bottomless container that sits on top of the ground. It is typically a frame of wood, stone, or concrete that’s built to your specifications, which is placed in a sunny spot and filled with good-quality soil.

This type of gardening works in areas where the quality of soil isn’t ideal for crop production and has a couple of benefits which include:

Reduce the amount of pest infestation and weeds due to the raised level.
It’s ideal for smaller spaces
Raised gardens provide a higher yield by enabling better drainage and deep rooting

Expandable Step Gardens

This method of gardening is sort of similar to raised gardens with the element of looking like steps or stairs. Each level from the lowest to the highest has crops arranged in them.

This helps save on space and also ensures that the plants have equal exposure to sunlight.

Vertical Gardens

Is a gardening method in which the plants are supported to grow along vertical, often tiered surfaces, especially fences, posts, trellises, and walls, rather than along the ground.

Not all plants however are suited for this gardening style. Vining crops are best suited for vertical gardening.

For example. There are tomatoes that vine, cucumbers, squash, herbs and peas just to mention a few.

There are certain benefits which include:

  • Increased yield potential.
  • The plants are less susceptible to diseases and pests.
  • It makes harvesting an easier process
  • The plants get better exposure to the sun.

While setting up these vertical gardens always remember to work with the right container sizes for the plants you plan to grow. And also ensure what you’re planning to use to support the garden is strong enough to hold up the garden well.

Vertical gardens

Companion Gardening

This method of gardening entails planting different crops together to encourage growth and also help in repelling pests. Herbs, for example, are a great variety to help repel pests.

These are just some of the methods you can apply in your garden. Feel free to share more with our Tropika family in our comment section.

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